Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics and Sustainability played a huge role in my creation of closet.bykatie. The more I learnt about what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry, the less I could ignore it and participate in it's consumption. Bearing in mind my aim to ensure my own fashion consumption was mindful and done in an ethical and sustainable manner, I made it my goal to ensure that closet.bykatie held the same values. 


  • All thrift items are sourced secondhand in an ethical manner. This involves ensuring I always keep in mind that there are others who desperately need clothing from op shops. Thrift drops are small and carefully curated so I am not taking anything away from those in need. 

  • All handmade items are lovingly made by me - no mass production or sweat shops. Handmade items are priced according to the time they take me to make in order to ensure my time is recognised as valuable (a key issue in the production of fast fashion). 


  • I encourage you, my customers, to be conscious consumers of fashion. Whether it is brand new, secondhand or made by a small business, always consider its purpose. The overconsumption of any form of fashion isn't sustainable. 

  • Thrift items are sourced secondhand. I do my best to source damaged items that are unlikely to sell in order to clean, repair and give them a new life. 

  • Sewn items such as the Phyllis halter are made using secondhand and off-cut fabrics, helping to minimise the textile waste that ends up in our landfills. 

  • Crochet items are currently made using synthetic materials (acrylic yarn). When possible I source these secondhand. I aim to increase my use of natural fibres and eliminate the use of synthetic fibres by the end of 2022. 

  • Mailer options currently include recyclable and compostable mailers. Recyclable mailers can be placed in your household recycling bin if not reusable. Compostable mailers can be commercially composted or cut up and composted at home if not reusable. Compostable mailers will not biodegrade in landfill so please avoid this option if you don't plan on composting it. 


About Me

Curated and created by me (Katie) here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, Closet.ByKatie aims to breathe new life into unwanted and forgotten clothing, providing a rotating door of groovy and unique pieces for your closet. I am 22 years young and work in Early Childhood. Closet.ByKatie is my way of helping to fight fast-fashion by providing high-quality unique and wearable thrifted and handmade clothes. 

Sustainable fashion is something I have become very passionate about over the past few years, and Closet.ByKatie and my Tik Tok  are the tools I am using to help encourage and educate in order to help you make more sustainable fashion choices.